Docs Outside the Box


Dr. Nii Darko made a special trip to Dallas this weekend to record his very first in-person podcast for Docs Outside the Box.  In less than two years he has gained a loyal following, an expanding guest list, and corporate sponsors.

Nii and I first connected in Atlanta, GA in 2009 while training at the iconic Grady Memorial Hospital. He was nearing the completion of his general surgery residency, and I was in the second (final) year of my fellowship in trauma surgery and critical care medicine. Fast-forward a few years and he is now blazing an envious path as a trauma surgeon and entrepreneur.

As trauma surgeons we don’t like wasting time! So we made the most of his visit by connecting with Dr. Dale Okorodudu who was part of the core group to launch the recent Twitter campaign #BlackMenInMedicine. While watching college football on the big screen we broke bread and discussed strategies to coordinate initiatives happening across the country and take this effort to the next level.


I am honored Dr. Darko chose to make this trip and give me the opportunity to share with you my journey from the Dallas shooting on July 7, 2016 to my resignation on July 15, 2017.


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