Pearls of Leadership


If you could go back in time to advise your college self about leadership, what one pearl of wisdom would you give? I would tell myself “closed mouths don’t get fed.” You must ask for what makes you feel valued or you may never get it.

I ask this of you because this week I have the honor of gathering with 40 freshmen selected through a competitive process to attend theGilbert Leadership Conference. My lecture is entitled “Leadership in Times of Crisis: The Intersection of Race, Violence & Medicine”. I want to challenge these young freshman to examine their own implicit biases and actively pursue leadership opportunities to address social injustice.

Please leave a comment below, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn, so I may share your pearls of wisdom with these future leaders. I will also curate a “Top 10” list to share with you in a future post.

BlogBrian H. Williams, MD