Let's Talk Racism, Islam, And Shared Humanity

The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Afia Yunus has vivid tales of the racism she endured as a Muslim girl coming of age in the Florida Panhandle. The experience strengthened her resolve to serve humanity. As a teen, witnessing lawyers fight against the erosion of civil rights after 9/11 propelled her to become an immigration attorney. A personal and professional transformation occurred after the 2017 "Muslim Ban." She was compelled to "get off the hamster wheel of life" and apply her legal expertise as an activist. 

Join us as Afia explains how we must redefine "safe spaces" as she works toward celebrating our shared humanity. It is a value she learned from her cardiologist father whose compassionate care of a heart attack patient led to a lifelong friendship with an unlikely ally - a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

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