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RV&M: EPisode 1

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Do you wonder what it's like to give expert testimony in a homicide case? Or what role does an autopsy play in bringing closure to families?
And how is it possible to retrieve all that information from the deceased?

On this episode of Unmasked Dr. Candace Schoppe, a forensic pathologist based in Dallas, TX, takes us behind the curtain on a journey into the world of forensic pathology. 


RV&M: EPisode 2


On June 7, 1998, James Byrd Jr., a forty-nine-year-old black man, was walking home from a party when three white men in a pickup truck offered him a ride. They drove Byrd out to a lonely country road, tied him to a logging chain, and dragged him three miles to his death.

Joyce King, an award-winning journalist and native Texan, was assigned to cover the story, which drew international media headlines. In Hate Crime, she provides a chilling re-creation of the slaying and the subsequent trials. But she also moves beyond the details of the case to provide insight into the minds of the murderers, and to investigate the Texas prison system in which they developed their virulent racism. King also explores how the town of Jasper, Texas, endured a tragedy that threatened to divide its residents.

As the 20th anniversary of the crime nears, Joyce King hopes people will join the 1 Million Readers Campaign to share a journey to justice with world citizens who have the courage to read, buy, gift, or listen to Hate Crime - a book that was judged more for its cover than its content.


RV&M: EPisode 3

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When you hear "community policing," do you think of law enforcement as trusted partners or feared enforcers? As Chairman of the City of Dallas Citizens Police Review Board, I have learned the answer to this question has many layers of complexity.

On this episode of Unmasked two experts help demystify this topic. We sit down with:

  • Joli Robinson (@JoliDPD) from the Dallas Police Department Office of Community Affairs, and
  • Victoria "Officer T" Tsalikis (@DISDDPD_OfcT) from a Dallas school district police department Office of Community Outreach.

Join us for a lively discussion about community outreach efforts to establish collaborative partnerships between historically adversarial groups.


RV&M: EPisode 4


Why did a group of teen stage performers join the NRA? And how do they combine activism with the performing arts?

The Cry Havoc Theater Company stopped by Unmasked for a lively discussion about gun violence and creating their next production - Babel. These teens will impress you with wisdom that belies their age.

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